Peter Quill’s Grandfather had to suffer throughhis daughter dying and his grandson disappearing forever without a trace. On The same Night 


I think I’ll reblog this for as long as I live

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For all the black dudes who were slept on back in the day bc folks thought you were too nerdy/ too quiet / too geeky / too lame / too smart -


- it’s comeback season. Shine on em.

And FYI, I’m sure in the corner of the lunch room or something, there was a shy little shorty who would see you and saw the king in you. Even way back then.

If I ever get married I will jump the broom and the shark


Speedy (Samurai Pizza Cat) is looking super serious in this hilarious illustration by Dave Rapoza. They kept Little Tokyo safe all while running a pizza joint!

Samurai Pizza Cats by Dave Rapoza (CGHUB) (deviantART) (Twitter)

Donald for spiderman

I think I’ll post something about the “Ultimate Spiderman”, episode this coming Sunday.



me tryin’ to get my life together

Nothing as ever been more accurate